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Version: 1.5.0


LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) configuration, after the default installation and deployment, only supports configured static user and password login (only one can be configured), if you need to support multi-user login, you can use LDAP

1. Implementation logic introduction

The default way to configure

#default username
#default password
wds.linkis.admin.password=123456 during login request processing, If the login user name/user password is inconsistent with the configured default value, LDAP mode will be used. LDAP core processing is authenticated by calling jdk general ldap tool class. javax.naming.ldap.InitialLdapContext#InitialLdapContext(java.util.Hashtable<?,?>, javax.naming.ldap.Control[])

2. How to use

The premise is that there is an available LDAP service

2.1 Step1 Enable ladp login password verification method

Modify configuration

Fill in LDAP related parameters

#ldap service address
#Directory Name(DN) Directory composition of ldap
#Username formatting Generally, no configuration is required

2.2 Step2 Restart the service of linkis-mg-gateway

After modifying the configuration, you need to restart the linkis-mg-gateway service sh sbin/ start mg-mgtaeway to take effect

3 Notes

  • The authentication type uses the simple mode in (security type, three values: none, simple or strong.)

  • For the introduction of ldap, please refer to [LDAP directory server introduction] (