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Computation Middleware


Each upper application directly connects to and accesses various underlying engines in a tightly coupled way, which makes big data platform a complex network architecture.



Build a common layer of "computation middleware" between the numerous upper-layer applications and the countless underlying engines to resolve these complex connection problems in a standardized reusable way



Standardized Interfaces

Linkis provides standardized interfaces (REST, JDBC, WebSocket etc.) to easily connect to various underlying engines (Spark, Presto, Flink, etc.), and acts as a proxy between the upper applications layer and underlying engines layer.


Computation Governance

Linkis is able to facilitate the connectivity, governance and orchestration capabilities of different kind of engines like OLAP, OLTP (developing), Streaming, and handle all these "computation governance" affairs in a standardized reusable way.

Core Features


Simplify the operation environment; decouple the upper and lower layers, which make the upper layer insensitive when bottom layers changed


Distributed microservice architecture with great scalability and extensibility; quickly integrate with the new underlying engine


Converge engine entrance, unify identity verification, high-risk prevention and control, audit records; label-based multi-level refined resource control and recovery capabilities


Linkis offers a basic orchestration framework to enable different strategies to manage computing tasks. Users could develop strategies like dual-active and active-standby based on this


Highly reduced the back-end development workload of upper-level applications development; Swiftly and efficiently build a data platform tool suite based on Linkis